The First Battle of Asteroid Base: Alpha began the Federation-Cult of Romulus conflict. A Cult of Romulus taskforce, led by Cult founder Sel'tar, launched an attack upon the recently opened Federation Station of AB: Alpha in an attempt to drive the new Starfleet owners away from the Asteroid Field. Sel'tar had under-estimated the crew's determination to protect their new home and also the intelligence of Commander Grizz who had kept the USS Defiant cloaked and standing by. Faced with the prospect of destruction, Sel'tar withdrew her forces from the region.
IRW TMet firing disruptors

Prelude Edit

Although abandoned by the Cult of Romulus, the Asteroid Base had been watched by them for anyone who decided to have a look round. Sel'tar was furious to learn that Starfleet had gone so far as to set up an outpost there. Some time ago, Sel'tar developed a grudge against Starfleet after Richard Quy had launched an attack on her home colony. That attack had cost her, her entire family. Once she learnt of Quy's presence on the outpost, she acted quickly to ensure he would not survive the encounter, eventhough the main goal was simply to drive them away.

Flight from Romulan space Edit

During the first few hours of life aboard the station, the Starfleet crew had been sent on a mission to one of the headquarters of the Cult of Romulus. Unfortunatly for them, this mission had been watched by the three founders of the Cult, Sel'tar, Tek'lor and Ket'vor. During the final moments of the mission, the self destruct sequence was engaged for reasons unknown to the crew and the base was abandoned seconds before it's destructions. Unknown to the crew of the Delta Flyer, Sel'tar cloaked her fleet and followed Grizz and his crew back to Asteroid Base: Alpha.

The Battle Edit


When the delta flyer reached AB: Alpha and the crew were back on the station, Sel'tar revealed herself and demanded that the crew leave the station at once, but surrender Richard Quy to them. Grizz harshly refused from engineering which provoked Sel'tar to open fire on the station. By this point it seemed that the battle would not last long, but the rest of her fleet arrived and began firing. The station was not ready for such a large conflict but the CO had a backup plan, the USS Defiant which had also been cloaked at the other side of the station.

The Cult caused heavy damage to the station's operations centre. They had the advantage due to their extensive knowledge of the station they once occupied. However, with the Defiant and Station's defences working in unison, enough damage was done to Sel'tars command ship to force her to retreat. It was in this moment that she revealed the existance of two other founders of the Cult of Romulus, who would endevour to destroy the station as opposed to liberating it.

Aftermath Edit

Although the Cult had failed to capture Richard Quy and force Starfleet off the station, they would eventually manage to capture Grizz by infiltrating the station itself, and also capture Richard Quy on an away mission not long after the first battle. The two other founders were also named as Tek'lor and Ket'vor. The events surrounding the Season Finale would be greatly influenced by the actions of these three founders and will always be a permanent stain on AB: Alpha's name.

Despite the damage to the station, there were no casualties during this battle.

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