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Star Trek: Asteroid Base has been lucky with it's wide range of in-depth characters taking part in the series. From traitorous captains to energy draining lifeforms, ST:AB has produced many different characters, emotionally and physically. The current cast list as of Season 4 can be found below. Past characters follow.

Main Cast Members - Season 4

Richard Quy Originally the Starfleet Overseer of Asteroid Base: Alpha, Admiral Quy is currently dying of a Romulan form of fatal Cancer.
James Robertson Robertson has reached the rank of commander and following the removal of Amber Munro is now in command of Asteroid Base: Alpha.
John Shepppard John is the first officer of Asteroid Base: Alpha and is a clone of his former self. He was saved from death by Amber Munro but for reasons to suit her.
George Kim George Kim is the current Chief of Security aboard Asteroid Base: Alpha following the delayed arrival of the original Chief to take the place of Thohu.
Evan Marcus Evan Marcus is Asteroid Base: Alpha's weapon specialist and currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.
Elizabeth Weir Elizabeth is the Chief Engineer aboard Asteroid Base: Alpha and is the first woman to give birth aboard the station.
Brian May Brian has taken on the cursed role of Chief Medical Officer and is currently treating Richard Quy's Cancer, holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
Jason Yates Jason arrived on the station as the much needed Counsellor the crew has been seeking for nearly 5 years.
Jun'ko Zane Medic Jun'ko Zane assists Brian May and currently serves in Sickbay.
Ridavi Ridavi is a android who was discovered in the cargo bay years after the arrival of the crew. She has recently murdered Amber Munro's son aboard the station
Travis Travis is a Science Officer serving aboard the station who arrived during the show's Fourth Season. Travis holds the rank of Ensign.
Michael Bennett Michael Bennett currently holds the positions of Chief Science Officer and also Astrometrics Officer. This came about following the death of CSO Telex Ferra.
Amber Munro Second commander of Asteroid Base: Alpha. Awating trial for past actions resulting in the destruction of a Federation Colony.


Depending on how the writers were feeling, some characters either left in an empty topedo casket or a shuttlecraft.

Former Cast Members: Edit

Grizz Grizz was the original CO of Asteroid Base: Alpha but was kiled by Sel'tar saving Richard Quy's life.
John Sheppard The Original John Sheppard was killed in the explosion which crippled many parts of the station at the climax of Season One.
Cam Sharposki Cam Sharposki was the second Chief Medical Officer and was involved in a relationship with Seven of Nine before being killed by an EPS Overload.
George Sharposki George Sharposki was the First Chief Medical Officer killed attempting to rescue remaining crewmembers aboard AB: Alpha at the climax of Season One.
Nate Janeway Nate Janeway was the original First Officer aboard AB: Alpha and Commanding Officer of the USS Relentless. He left the station following the Battle of the Pegasus Galaxy.
Koval Munro Koval Munro was the son of Amber Munro and Tek'lor following his sexual assault upon her during her time on Romulus. Koval escaped Tek'lors family aboard a refugee ship and contracted a virus which threatened the station. When the Cult came looking for Koval, Ridavi saw him as a threat to peace and broke his neck in Sickbay.
Telex Ferra Telex Ferra was the Chief Science Officer during the first half of Season Four but was killed during a unannounced raid upon the station's science labs.
Bartog Bartog was the chief representative for the Ban'mar republic during the Starfleet-Ban'mar war. He met his end when Amber Munro thrust a large spiked pole through his chest aboard Tek'lors command ship in the Pegasus Galaxy.
Tek'lor Tek'lor was the scientific genius behind the Cult of Romulus and was responsible for trapping the station in the Pegasus Galaxy and was also the father of Amber's only child.
Quince Richards Quince was Helmsmen turned Chief Science Officer during seasons 1 and 2 of ST:AB. He met his end when his own creation, a lifeform made of pure energy, disintergrated him in Main Engineering.
Thohu Hilman Thohu was the Chief of Security during Seasons 1-3 of ST:AB. He left the station with Nate Janeway following the Battle of the Pegasus Galaxy for reassignment to Bajor.

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