Overview Edit

At the start of Star Trek: Asteroid Base, the station AB-Alpha was the only Starfleet presence in the asteroid field, but since then it has grown into a hub of activity for the region. From Romulan diplomatic parties, to Klingon mining operations and Ferengi trade outposts. Throughout the asteroid field there are several sensor relay stations and a limited amount of tactical defences. During an emergancy, however, Asteroid Base-Alpha can move to provide support for nessercary targets.

Klingon Mining Outpost Ker'ting Edit

This Klingon Run establishment has set up mining operations on several asteroids throughout the field which deliver the mined supplies back to a central hub complex on one of the larger asteroids. The ore that is mined is used to create construction materials which can be shipped to AB: Alpha for use throughout the station and elsewhere via shipping lanes.

Although the majority of workers aboard these outposts are Klingon, several human representatives are aboard each location, sending regular reports to AB: Alpha for use in the annual report back to Starfleet Command, Earth. So far, there have been a total of two incidents between Klingon and Human. One aboard the mining hub regarding a payment dispute and one aboard AB: Alpha, described as a general bar brawl.

During the refugee ship encounter, these outposts were temporarily cut off from the rest of the asteroid field for health and safety reasons. Amber Munro had plans to visit the Hub that day but due to the arrival of the disease striken refugee ship, she was forced to stay on the station due to quarantine procedues.

Ferengi Trading Station Omarg Edit

Omarg, the little scheming Ferengi who tagged along with the Hazard Team a few years ago, has since opened and fully established the presence of a trading station in the Asteroid Field. Although the senior staff aboard the station were intiially concerned, it has provided certain luxuries once prohibited, such as gambling. Unfortunatly this establishment has also brought the Black Market with it. This is a factor of which the military presence in the Asteroid Field cannot control at this time. Omarg has denied such allegations but is believed to have been the person who started the whole thing up. Besides, this is a Ferengi. On choosing the name, he dedicated the entire station to himself, naming it after himself, and claiming all the profits for himself.

For now anyway, the Klingons have not yet intervened. When that day comes, there may well be bloodshed.

Tactical Structures Edit

Small phaser cannons have been strategically placed throughout the asteroid field to provide minimum tactical support until either a nearby ship or the Asteroid Base itself can arrive to provide additional backup. So far, only 3 of these structures have been destroyed, during the Battle to Retake Asteroid Base-Alpha mid season 3. Unfortunatly for several starfleet vessels, these were also used against their scout ships sent to investigate the status of the station during the Ban'mar occupation. One in particular, the USS Victory, an Akira class vessel, was destroyed within view from AB : Alpha's Operations viewing window. Amber Munro was present at the event.

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