"I've kept my focus on the job for so long I forgot that I had a personal life. As soon as it came back to me and was ripped away again, it was the worse feeling I've ever had." - Amber Munro ('Whisper Your Way to Success')

Overview Edit

Amber Munro (Also Amber Munro Quy) was Commanding Officer of the fictional Federation Station Asteroid Base-Alpha in the Star Trek series, Star Trek: Asteroid Base. During the course of her Starfleet career she has commanded an unnamed soverign class vessel and partaken in a long term undercover mission within the Cult of Romulus.

Early Life Edit

Munro was born on 8th July 2346 aboard the USS Endevour and cohabitated with her father, Admiral Richard Quy and brother, William Quy.

Amber's stealth abilities during her academy time were flawless. In her later life, leading figures in Starfleet decided to use this to their advantage. They needed one man (or woman), to infiltrate the Cult of Romulus' operations and relay tactical information back to the Federation. This would not be an easy task and would quite easily fill a one-year period. Regardless, Amber had fled from her home and family, and so had nothing to lose. She Accepted.

Cult of Romulus Edit

Altered to appear and feel Romulan, this new Amber Munro was shipped off into the heart of Romulan territory and placed inside Cult operations. Over time, she became a crutial part of day to day activities, including working face to face with the head of the cult, Sel'tar. Due to no cause on her part, she also became engaged in a relationship with the co-founder, Tek'lor. Sel'tar had decided they would make a nice 'couple.' This wasn't going to be accepted by herself at all and protested to be allowed back to Federation Space. Her request was denied due to an increase in Cult activities - they were up to something. Unfortunatly, she found out what. While working on solving various equations and scientific problems, she learnt that what she was in fact doing was creating a prototype biogenic weapon. It was too late to stop, suspicion had already been placed on her. She continued working and over 2 months later, a federation colony was wiped out by the very bomb she had helped to create. Following this declaration of war by the Cult, she was smuggled out, quickly.

Starship Command (alternate timeline) Edit

During the Gamma Quadrant Conflict, Amber Munro was placed in command on a currently unnamed Soverign Class vessel and partaked in the Third Battle of Deep Space Nine. During this battle, James Robertson inadvertantly piloted the starship of his own into her stardrive section. The damage to her vessel caused the ship to be destroyed, but Amber and what remained of her crew was beamed aboard the Enterprise to safety.

Asteroid Base-Alpha Edit

Following the death of Grizz, Amber quickly accepted the new position aboard a remote federation outpost. Her adjustement to life there was not easy due to the shoes she was filling, but eventually earned the respect of those under her. Unlike Grizz, she easily returned the affection. But the honeymoon period was soon over when the Ban'Mar reared their heads in the Alpha Quadrant. After several minor disputes, Amber's actions inadvertantly caused a full scale conflict against this biologically superior race. And so, in a last ditch attempt to save her crew, she lingured in Ops during the evacuation of the station as Ban'mar forces boarded. She became Bartog's (new commander of the station) new pet. During a broadcast to the federation and the Asteroid Base crew now located aboard the USS Relentless, Bartog claimed that he had just executed Captain Munro for saboutage aboard the station. Although the saboutage was true, she had not been killed. The station was retaken and Amber was reunited with her crew, as the clean up operation began. But Bartog, and Tek'lor, were still out there.

The Battle of the Pegasus Galaxy Edit

With the station abducted to a nearby galaxy, Amber allowed herself to be taken aboard Bartog's ship to find who was really behind the attack. It was Tek'lor. Nate Janeway, her first officer, had already put plans underway to destroy the Ban'Mar-Romulan fleet and return home, but aboard the flagship, she had other ideas. After several remarks by Tek'lor (One including how Richard Quy was going to die) he ordered Bartog to take her to be killed. But whilst being taken down a corridor, she used a decorative spear on the bulkhead to her advantage. Amber overpowered the elusive Ban'mar and thrust the spear through his heart, whispering the words "Why. Don't. You. Just. Die" in his dying ears, as both were beamed into the centre of AB-Alpha's operations centre. Moments later, the flagship was destroyed and the surrounding ships were destroyed, disabled or retreated. Tek'lor is dead, but had revealed Amber's secret to the crew. She designed the Biogenic Weapon.

A Collapsing Life Edit

Following the revelation of the Pegasus Galaxy incident, Amber's life went from bad to worse when John Sheppard secretly informed Starfleet of her actions. Munro was quickly arrested and sent to stand trial for treason, but due to the current politcal turmoil of the Quadrant, a verdict could not be reached. However, Munro was sent to be back in command of AB: Alpha in order to clean up the mess she had inadvertantly caused. By this, she was forced to allow diplomatic talks between the quadrant superpowers to take place aboard her station.

Just as things seemed to settle down surrounding the treason issue, the unimaginable happened for her. The result of Tek'lors sexual assault on Romulus turned up on a refugee ship heading for the station. Her son, Koval. Due to the nature of how she left Romulus, Koval was never told who her mother is but unfortunatly knew all too well about his father and family. It was obvious that his human side told him to get away from the remains of the Cult of Romulus, and so he did, but it was fate that he would turn up on AB: Alpha.

When the Cult came looking for him, Amber refused to give him back to them which risked open warfare once more. While on her way to Sickbay, in the hopes of finally telling him the truth about her, it all came crumbling down around her. Ridavi, the stations android, deemed Koval's existance aboard the station a threat to peace and so took actions to ensure the crew's safety. She beamed into Sickbay, and broke Koval's neck in front of the medical staff and also his relatives, Richard and Amber. This event would drive Munro to the point of emotional collapse, resulting in James Robertson taking command of the station.

Awaiting Trial Edit

Amber Munro now resides aboard the station in an unofficial capacity while awaiting recall to Earth for the inevitable trial to begin once more. During this waiting period she has been involved in the mystery surrounding The Scientist and also been abducted by the mysterious Ferengi.


Relationships Edit

Although Amber had tried to maintain a certain distance from her colleagues during her first year on the station, primarily due to Tek'lors actions on Romulus, it is clear to her that such a task is impossible when you're alone in a remote region on space.

Nate Janeway Edit

Nate Janeway had been her first officer and closest advisor and friend during her first 3 year period in command of AB: Alpha. Although they had not always seen eye to eye, this is inevitable in any relationship. Being alone at the top aboard this station, meant that having a friend as a first officer gave a sense of security for Amber after her rough life prior to coming to the station. Any greater feelings for Nate she may have had, seemed to have been destroyed during the Ban'mar occupation of the station. When she returned to the station from the first round of her trial, she was saddened to learn that Janeway had left the station and been replaced by James Robertson.

Richard Quy Edit

Amber once described her father as the man who pushed her over the edge in her early life. He had been critical of her career choices, which supposedly forced her to accept the Cult of Romulus mission, just to 'escape' him. Upon her return to Starfleet and taking up the AB: Alpha command, she was initially shocked to learn that her father would be there. But she accepted anyway, just to show him that she could do such a job on her own without his assistance. Throughout her time aboard the station, the relationship with her father has slowly repaired itself, and was quickly secured when she learnt he was dying of a Romulan form of Cancer. Although she hasn't had the oppotunity to properly apologise for running away from him, this is something she aims to do before he dies.

James Robertson Edit

This is the man who destroyed her ship in an alternate timeline, relived her of duty and now has the job she had treasured for over four years. Despite their 'differences' and minor conflicts, she has a certain respect for James for being able to take on such a task in such a swift takeover, despite being one of two only original crew members left. He has also openly acknowledged his respect for her during a mission to a pre-warp planet. Despite this, she still likes to poke fun at the fact that since his takeover of the station, it has almost been destroyed on multiple occasions and now requires extensive repairs.

John Sheppard Edit

John Sheppard could be considered the man responsible for destroying Amber's stable life in command of Asteroid Base: Alpha by turning her in to Starfleet after Tek'lor's revelation. Before this occured, she recently described him as a man who was hard to respect but had managed to do so before his experience with death at the end of Season 3. When she figured out that it was he who betrayed her trust, she made sure that everything was done to revive him, succesfully. Now holding a grudge, she tries to figure out why he turned her in.

A Set Fate Edit

Decomissioning Edit

It is known that Amber Munro will be present at the time of AB: Alpha's final shutdown around 40 years from current series time. At this time, it is indicated that she is serving her time in prison for treason and so it is inevitable that she will eventually go there. A more personal relationship between herself and James Robertson was also indicated at this time. It is unclear at what stage Munro went to prison during the run of ST:AB.

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