Star Trek: Asteroid Base (sometimes abbreviated to ST:AB or AB) is a science fiction series that premiered in 2007 and is currently running it's fourth season. Set in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek Universe, it was originally created by Grizz & Quy of the Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Roleplaying Community but has since been recreated by Grizz & LynxMukka who are both main writers for the show, respectably. Originally produced by Federation Roleplay (Also known as F-RP), it has also ran under it's own administration but it currently produced by the United Federation of Planets Clan, or {UFP}.

Unlike many roleplays set in the Star Trek Universe, ST:AB is set aboard an unorthodox Starfleet Station embedded into a large asteroid which can be located within a vast Asteroid Field near the Romulan Star Empire. Although the USS Defiant, USS Relentless and USS Dauntless have all been major locations for the show, the station remains the primary setting for the series.

Premise Edit

Created in 2007, ST:AB focuses on the crew of the formerly Secret Romulan, now Starfleet, outpost which has been renamed to Asteroid Base-Alpha. In the pilot, the crew of the USS Dauntless are forced to relocate to Asteroid Base-Alpha due to several improper actions by their Commanding Officer. Although the station itself was not seen in the pilot, it's backstory is developed throughout Season One as the crew discover new systems, features and locations deep within the asteroid itself.

Star Trek: Asteroid Base has contained many story arcs throughout it's run which are usually mentioned in future episodes and is therefore classified as a serial. This is also present in interpersonal relations aboard the station. Actions of characters are often permanently present on the universe in some way and often referred to in later episodes. Due to the 'rural' space setting (an Asteroid Field), it was always going to be so that the characters aboard the station could have deep backstories which make every episode much more interesting in some way.

Cast Edit

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Recurring Characters Edit

The setting of the show, a station as opposed to a starship, allows for an increased amount of recurring characters due to the setting's stationary location. There are several Starfleet officers who make frequent communication or visits to Asteroid Base-Alpha, although often unannounced. Particularly Admiral Robin Campbell who has self-replaced Admirals Wright and Quy as Station Overseer, despite not being a permanent resident as Richard Quy.

Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Voyager) was initially a major character during her introduction to the show but has since been downgraded to a guest star following the introduction of several other characters who have taken over her duties as Chief Science Officer and also several actions which would have placed her in the Chief Engineer role. She was involved in an intimate relationship with the former Chief Medical Officer, Cam Sharposki. Unfortunatly Sharposki was killed during a conflict during the Season 2 Finale.

Amber Munro Quy was Commanding Officer of Asteroid Base-Alpha from Season 2 to Season 4 Episode 4 and held the rank of Captain. For a detailed overview of this character please see the main article. Following her removal from command, she now resides aboard the station until being recalled to Earth to stand trial.

Other prominent recurring characters have included The Cult of Romulus and The Ban'Mar - chief adversarys during the run of the show.

Plots Edit

Season One Edit

During the first season of Star Trek: Asteroid Base, the Cult of Romulus played the major recurring adversary for the crew of Asteroid Base-Alpha. Due to the nature of which the crew were forced aboard the station, it was evident that none of them were eager to be there, although Commander Grizz and First Officer, Nate Janeway tried their best to make it easier on their crew. This was made difficult due to the strict Overseer who had been assigned to ensure the transition went smoothy, Admiral Richard Quy. Although the discovery of several new pieces of technology, including a prototype Romulan energy cannon has made the new assignment much more worthwhile for the crew and has provided the basis for the general storyline throughout the run of the show. During Season One, there were various missions off-station but primarily to the Cult of Romulus Headquarters on Delos Prime. This season provided such conflicts between Starfleet and the Cult Fleet, leaded by Sel'tar, such as the First and Second 'Battle of Asteroid Base-Alpha.' Several character revelations were also made during the course of the first 10 episodes, such as the Transporter Chief John Sheppard once being part of the Cult of Romulus itself.

In the final episode of Season One, 'Some Ideals are Worth Dying For', Commander, Now Captain Grizz was killed along with Chief Medical Officer George Sharposki and also John Sheppard. Grizz's final act was to transport Admiral Quy off the station before several automated explosive devices were triggered, killing Sel'tar and most of the Cult of Romulus' troops. Following this event, many parts of the station were upgraded due to damage.

Season Two Edit

Following the events of the Season One finale, a new Commanding Officer was brought onto the station. Amber Munro Quy was sent by Starfleet following her undercover mission on Romulus. She is the daughter of Richard Quy and brother to Hazard Team Leader, William Quy. Although the Cult of Romulus took a background role, they were frequently mentioned and some episodes were focused on them despite being destroyed in Season One. Two more cast changes were that of John Sheppard, who was replaced with an identical clone of himself who had been created during his time with the Cult of Romulus as a backup. Cam Sharposki was also introduced as the brother of the recently deceased, George Sharposki. However another cast change was still to come, when Chief Science Officer Quince was disintergrated in an attempt to stop his own creation, Sam, from draining power from the station in 'Freedom.' Following this, Seven of Nine was introduced to the cast and there was also a major setting change as the crew was relocated to the USS Relentless, deeming the station unsafe.

Season Two introduced a major race to the show, the Ban'Mar, who relyed on biological warfare in conflicts. Their chief spokesperson, Bartog, played a role similar to Weyoun in Deep Space Nine. His initial peaceful guise was quickly disintergrated due to his secret plot to take AB-Alpha following the crew's abandoning of it. However, due to Amber Munro's intervention in the Season Finale 'Homecoming' his plans were foiled but the station was drawn into open warfare with the Ban'Mar fleet. Fortunatly before this could happen, the crew had returned to backup their captain and also brought a Federation Fleet with them, leaded by Richard Quy who was critically injured during the battle. At the climax of the battle, Ban'Mar soilders boarded Asteroid Base-Alpha, forcing the crew to leave once more, but Amber Munro was captured before she could leave the station. With the station as a powerful Ban'mar outpost within federation space, War was imminent.

Season Three Edit

The primary setting for the first 5 episodes of Season Three was the USS Relentless. For this duration, Amber Munro was given a few cameo appearences and Nate Janeway took the Lead role, guiding the crew through the Federation-Ban'Mar war. Throughout this journey, there were trips to Ban'mar POW camps and the Briar Patch, where Seven of Nine had been abducted by Section 31 in case the Ban'Mar got hold of her borg nanoprobes. In the mid-season episode 'Charge of the Light Brigade' the station became a warzone once more as the Battle to Retake Asteroid Base-Alpha took place. This was a success and the Ban'Mar fleet was forced out the sector and Bartog's fate was unknown after the event.

Several upgrades were made to the station once more following the conflict surrounding the station. A major discovery was also made when the asteroid was found to have engines embedded into it. This took a turn for the worse when the first 'test flight' directed the station into a nearby blackhole. Fortunatly, due to some clever shuttle techniques involving tractor beams, the station was slowed into a new position at the edge of the Asteroid Field. Since then, the asteroid field has become home to several Federation outposts such as the Klingon Mining Station and the Trading Outpost. The second half of this season also introduced the new Chief Engineer, Elizabeth Weir.

During the final special webisode following the events of Season Three, the station was thrown into the nearby Pegasus Galaxy by a joint Cult of Romulus-Ban'Mar alliance, headed by Tek'lor and Bartog. This confrontation led to the resurrection of Sel'tar but also the demise of Bartog at the hands of Captain Munro and Tek'lor at the hands of Nate Janeway and the crew. The station was eventually returned to it's former position but between the gap of Season Three and Four, the cast would be rearranged, a new lead writer was brought in and a new producer took ST:AB.

Season Four Edit

To Come

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