Asteroid Base-Alpha was originally found to be an abandoned asteroid facility, believed to be some form of mining station. Over time, it has become clear that the original station was of Romulan design and also one of the many command posts for the mythical Cult of Romulus. The experiments that were done here are still unclear, but various pieces of information and technology are being discovered over time such as the engines and the high energy particle cannon.

History Edit

The history of the station remains largely vague due to lack of records and the Romulan's unwillingness to confirm that they built it within Federation territory without them knowing about it. However information that is known is that it was built by the Romulan Star Empire and finished on Stardate 22396.3 where it shortly fell under the hands of the Cult of Romulas where it remained for several years until it was left abandoned for approximately six months before a Federation Away Team beamed over and investigated the Asteroid Base.

Shortly after the investigation it was renovated with modern Federation design of the time as of Stardate 48934.5 from the classic Romulan decor and officially put into service as a neutral zone outpost station of the Federation. Within several weeks a crew of Starfleet officers from the USS Dauntless arrived and began the journey that the station has took since then.

Location Edit

Asteroid Base Alpha is currently located in the Accobar system in the Tyrella sector located very closely to the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empire but still retaining its position in the Federation designated areas. The station has almost always remained in this area although on several occasions under Romulan and Federation rule it has moved to nearby regions but only for a short space of time. This is due to the station's capability of moving and going to warp which is extremely rare of any Federation outpost to be able to do.

Other geographical features of the area is a black hole which is usually invisible to sensors unless they are adjusted. A stable orbit can be attained from it and many of the asteroids in this part of the field maintain an orbit making it less obvious to the visual observer. However, spacial distortions of a minor level can often be detected every day on the station's sensors but is hardly noticeable.

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